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Welcome to Harlingen

Experience Harlingen; it promises more

 Harlingen is a harbour city with character that lies on the World heritage site, the Wadden Sea; unique for its diverse art and culture and made more intriguing
by more than six hundred historic buildings, many canals, a traditional sailing fleet known as ‘Bruine Vloot’ (brown fleet), shrimp trawlers and numerous water sport possibilities. This, in combination with its many restaurants, pubs, cafes, accommodation and shops create a vibrant environment. Not to mention the lively yearly events, both small and large that are organized in and around city. Experience Harlingen; it promises more. 

Special interest

  • One of the eleven Frisian cities from the famous eleven cities tour
  • Obtained city status in 1234 
  • Former admiralty city. In 1591, the Zuiderhaven (southerly harbour) was built as a naval port
  • Important economic sectors; (shrimp) fishery, confectionary industry, salt industry, ship building, tourism, construction, transhipment, water sports, cement industry, wood trade
  • Harlingen Pottery and Tile Factory


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